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The Ethnic History of Estonian Peoples in the light of new research
„Ethnic History of Estonian Peoples in the light of new research“, a joint research project by The Collegium for Transdisciplinary Studies in Archaeology, Genetics and Linguistics, University of Tartu, develops a website on the history of the formation of the Estonian peoples.

  • The collegium is a unique cooperation project between humanities and natural sciences to coordinate the research, teaching and popularisation of the history of Estonian peoples.
  • The collegium is currently fulfilling a project that aims to develop a multilingual webpage to introduce the newest results on the history of Estonian peoples to wider audiences to promote open science movement in Estonia.
  • This webpage – Estonian Roots – will have hundreds of short stories introducing the history of various groups of people that have inhabited the area we today call Estonia from the first hunter-gatherers to the 21st century digital society.
  • More than ever, the focus is on cultural, linguistic and genetic variations demonstrating clearly that people with different backgrounds fit well in a small area.
  • Additionally, the webpage houses references to (popular)scientific papers, databases, and other materials, being beneficial to students, researchers, and amateur researchers of local history.
  • The Estonian Roots web page will help better understand the identity and cultural background of Estonian peoples.

For partners

We have expertise in the study of past and present societies with the focus on genetics, linguistics and (material) culture and experience in digital humanities through the development of databases and multilingual webpage which we are happy to share with you.
Mari Tõrv
Research Fellow in Archaeology

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