Research projects 

Student satellite programme ESTCube
ESTCube is an Estonian satellite organisation composed of space enthusiasts and students, who wish to take Estonian space tech onto the world stage.

  • The main goal is to develop, build and launch scientific nanosatellite missions and to promote and popularise science in schools and among the public.
  • Launched in 2013, ESTCube-1 was the first Estonian mission to develop space technology competence and demonstrate the electric solar wind sail.
  • Currently in the process of building the second and larger satellite, ESTCube-2.

The ESTCube-2 mission

  • The primary mission is to demonstrate a novel spacecraft propulsion technology - the electric plasma brake. Its aim is to combat the space debris issue by removing satellites from orbit at the end of its mission. Using fuelless propulsion opens the door for cheaper and smaller missions deeper and further into the Solar system.
  • Also onboard are a set of two spectral Earth observation cameras for vegetation screening and a highly integrated satellite control system, complete with electrical power, communications, reaction wheels and a star tracker, which will enable cost-and-volume-effective deep-space missions in the future.
  • The launch will take place from the Kourou Space Center in French Guyana, South America in the second half of 2022.

For partners

  • Cooperate with us to develop an accurate satellite ranging functionality using multiple simple ground stations.
  • Contribute to space exploration and mankind's future among the stars by donating to the Estonian Student Satellite Foundation.
Hans Teras
General manager
Estonian Student Satellite Foundation

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