Research projects 

Autonomous Driving Lab (ADL)

The Autonomous Driving Lab conducts research and development in the field of self-driving technologies.

  • The focus is primarily on the software side of self-driving vehicles.
  • Main research areas include high definition maps, localisation and mapping, route planning, safety (object detection), artificial neural networks, security, human-vehicle interaction.
  • Test car Lexus RX 450h is equipped with world-class self-driving technologies and numerous sensors that will help the car to drive independently in the future.
  • ADL was started in collaboration with Bolt, an Estonian unicorn with more than 75 million customers in 45 countries.
  • Collaboration partners include TRAFFEST (to develop a vehicle-infrastructure communication solution for transmitting traffic lights to a self-driving car) and Milrem Robotics (to implement a perception module, which identifies obstacles, especially people, and classifies the surface, whether it is navigable or not).

For partners

  • Technology companies. Enterprises developing self-driving technologies are welcome to work with the lab to develop the best solutions for the future market.
  • State and municipalities. As the legal space and infrastructure must develop along with technology, we are working together with the state to envision and adapt the environment to the introduction of rapidly evolving technology.
  • R&D institutions. The lab is a platform for linking various topics with self-driving technologies, and different research groups can experiment in a number of R&D fields on the test car.

Tambet Matiisen
Tech Lead of Lab  


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